About 'Verbee(c)k'

Between 1795 and 1813 the Dutch territories were occupied by France (Napoleon Bonaparte). Before that period children got their fathers first name as surname: Peter, son of John Williams, got the name: Peter Johns. (in Dutch called: patroniem). Only the upper class used a chosen surname. Until that time only churches had the administration: books of baptisme, marriage and deaths. Napoleon ordered that the French system had to be used: the municipality got responsibility. It's a little bit difficult to read those old books and some ones are (very) damaged or lost.

There are clear proofs of the name Verbeeck. The eldest one is found in a deed of conveyance from the secretary of the court of Leende and Heeze (in the south of the Netherlands: Noord-Brabant), used in 1509. One of the members of this court is Henrijck Verbeeck (mentioned clearly in the first sentence).

The second proof: 12 years later: on the 6th of March 1521 Claes Thomas Verbeeck (goltsmit/goldsmith) is registered as a citizen of Sneek (in the north: Friesland).

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